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Spring Back’s Impact (by John Gonas, FUEL Advisor)

Spring Back Recycling is a unique business model because it has been able to grow while also making a profound impact on a number of lives. I have spent the last few years contemplating what “recipe” of variables have existed to enable this new venture, that couples waste diversion and earned income for formerly incarcerated men,… Read more »

Leading Nashville Social Enterprises (by Dick Gygi)

Social entrepreneurship is “white-hot” around the world and Nashville has the passion, the investor capital, and the infrastructure to be the center of social enterprise in America. Through leading social ventures in Nashville over the past 10 years, I’ve learned some important keys to success in this arena: Get clear on the mission and stay… Read more »

Stewards of Good

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells us the story of three servants who took very different approaches in how they chose to apply the talents that had been given them. He made it clear in verse 29 that “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given.” As followers of Jesus, we are… Read more »

FUEL on Ideashares

One highlight from 2016 was the opportunity for FUEL partners Gary Cooper and Dick Gygi to be guests on the Ideashares radio show. Ideashares is a Virtual Idea Incubator that compresses the time, costs and risk associated with the early stages of Ideation. Their mission is to help great people activate great ideas by providing them… Read more »

Where Success Lies

As entrepreneurs, we soak in the adrenaline rush of the new. We move forward because we believe anything is possible. And it’s that hope against hope that often proves that, in fact, more actually is possible than others may believe. But there’s another side to this entrepreneurial drive. More often than not, we face a… Read more »