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Unpolished Conference

One of the flags the entrepreneurial world can wave the highest is the idea that we as business owners should be “self-made” heroes who don’t need support from others to accomplish greatness (think Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, etc.). However, if you’re tired of going the journey alone, we’d like to invite you to consider attending… Read more »

The Power of a Team

The journey of the entrepreneur is too long and hard to endure alone. With the best of intentions and the grittiest determination, even the most capable leaders can burn out and fall short of reaching their full potential. We are created to live and work in community, so it’s absolutely essential to be surrounded by… Read more »

Working Toward Multiple Returns

The way we view our work can be transformative, both individually and collectively. From the earliest days of human existence in the garden, God has been inviting us into the cultivating the world in which we live. Work has always been one of the ways He shapes our hearts and minds. In fact, we will each spend on… Read more »

Nashville in 2025

In a recent article, Nisolo has been identified as one of the key fashion companies putting Nashville on the map. We couldn’t be more proud to have a relationship with Patrick and the Nisolo team. Their success reinforces an important belief we have at FUEL: the strongest companies generate both a social impact and profit at the same… Read more »

How Will You Measure Your Life?

There are around 7,500,000,000 people living in the world today. Each is at a unique point on a unique journey in a unique context, but we are all trying to answer a big question: How will I measure my life? Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen shares some deep insight on the profound impact this question can… Read more »