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FUEL on Ideashares

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Ben Cooper

One highlight from 2016 was the opportunity for FUEL partners Gary Cooper and Dick Gygi to be guests on the Ideashares radio show. Ideashares is a Virtual Idea Incubator that compresses the time, costs and risk associated with the early stages of Ideation. Their mission is to help great people activate great ideas by providing them with most efficient path from paper napkin to profit.

During the interview, you will learn:

  • Why we focus on the leader first, rather than the company
  • How quickly the Social Enterprise world is progressing
  • The story of how FUEL got started

We are grateful to have Ideashares founder Brian Church on the FUEL advisory board. Give the show a listen, and let us know your thoughts!

(FUEL segment begins at 23:40 mark)

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