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Downward Mobility

When R. Scott Rodin stepped down from his role after five years as President of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, his concept of leadership had been radically transformed. He was left asking one primary question: What is Christian leadership all about?     Rodin describes the before and after of his transformation in a letter written soon… Read more »

Wealth Through A Scriptural Lens

It’s been well documented that Scripture talks about our possessions more than almost anything else. In fact, Jesus covered the topic more than he mentioned heaven and hell combined. For God to give the issue such real estate, He must view it as an important part of our calling and obedience as humans. In the book God is at… Read more »

Three Lies of Entrepreneurship

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur—the term literally means “bearer of risk.” We can often find ourselves navigating a mix of emotions as we build our businesses, and it can be hard to tell what is true and what is not. Let’s take a closer look at three common lies we buy into as entrepreneurs.… Read more »

Generational Opportunities

At FUEL, we believe two truths about humankind: God has made us each in his image We are each uniquely created and gifted While it may be easy to identify the characteristics that reveal our differences, it’s always necessary to remember the common threads we have together. Otherwise, we will look for ways to only surround ourselves with people… Read more »

Peaks & Valleys – Laboring Toward Heaven

The Unpolished Conference in Cincinnati last week was a great reminder of how God is leading us all on a journey of dependence on Him. The room was filled with leaders who were in one of three places: The peak The valley Somewhere in between No matter where you were three years ago, where you… Read more »