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Generational Opportunities

Posted on October 23, 2017 by Ben Cooper

At FUEL, we believe two truths about humankind:

  1. God has made us each in his image
  2. We are each uniquely created and gifted

While it may be easy to identify the characteristics that reveal our differences, it’s always necessary to remember the common threads we have together. Otherwise, we will look for ways to only surround ourselves with people who look and act just like we do.

This approach, however, leaves us with an incomplete picture of creation, and in order to get a full picture of who God is and what he is doing in the world we must include the full spectrum of humanity.

This all sounds great, but what does this tangibly look like day-to-day in the office? One key generational difference Gallup has identified in their 2016 “State of the American Workplace” study is in the benefits a company offers its employees:

This is one small glimpse into the tensions we can encounter as we approach our work, and in some ways it may just be the tip of the iceberg. In order to start a conversation around navigating these differences, Nashville Institute for Faith & Work is hosting an event Thursday, November 9th.

If you’re free, please consider joining us for The Gen Divide: Bridging Age Gaps at Work:

Boomers, Millennials, Traditionalists, Gen Xers, and Generation Edgers—why can’t we all just get along in the workplace? Join us in learning from “generation junkie” Phil Gwoke regarding the various generational trends in today’s workplace and how we can leverage our differences for more fruitful and fulfilling work together. We’re not rehashing stereotypical accusations of one generation to another, but instead Phil Gwoke will share extensive workplace generational data and facilitate a local leaders panel to point us towards successful relationships through specific practices and initiatives. Below you can meet the panelists who have agreed to represent their generations as Phil leads us through a live case study on workplace environments. Early-bird tickets are now on sale for $22. Reserve your spot and invite a friend to join you today.

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